The last time i went surfing at Blackhead was at the end of November 2020. I went up with dad and 2 of his friends called Tony and Damo and it was about a one and a half hour drive there with one stop. I caught some good waves and it was around 2-3ft which is a little bigger than I am. It was quite dumpy so I was pulling in a lot but not making many waves but the waves that I did make I just did turns on.

The break is located in a little south of Dunedin near Waldronville. To get down to the break you have to walk down a narrow walkway then walk over some rocks and jump into the water. The wave is a point and beach break, the waves are more sketchy at the point due to sharp rocks. The waves are usually 2-5ft and if the wind is calm it'll be hollow but most the time its always got a lot of power even when its small

There are 4 seasons where this break is usually better in winter due to the winds causing big swell but it is also freezing in the winter. The summer still produces very good waves but there are not as many swells as the winter but the water is warmer.The water temperature in Dunedin in winter reaches 10°C and in summer it gets up to 14°C.


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