Cheese rolls

These are pretty simple to make.

All you need is bread, condensed cream and cheese.

You just mix the cheese and cream in a pot then spread it onto the bread.

After that you roll up the bread then cook them


For this you need to make a cheese sauce, boil the macaroni and then grate breadcrumbs.

You mix thE cheese sauce with the macaroni then spread bread crumbs on top and extra cheese if you want.

Then put in the oven and let it cook


to make lasagne you will need mince, flat pasta and a need to make a white cheese sauce.

You need to cook the mince then put some sort of tomato paste in it and let it simmer.

To make the white sauce you need to let butter then slowly add milk then put cheese in it.

After that you stack up the lasagne and put it in the oven and your done


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