Wednesday 13th may

juuzou Suzuya drawing on pro create


made choc chip muffins I’ve made them before. I decided to make something easier as I haven’t cooked and baked for a while since Covid-19

Monday 18th may

I went surfing and caught a super long wave and got 1 barrel

I also almost finished a drawing

Tuesday 19th May

I went surfing the waves were good they were clean and hollow and big.

I went out for 4 hours

Wednesday 20th

Me and dad went checking all the differant surf spots around here it was decent size swell and windy offshore winds. We ended up going out at cams because all the others places were either small or blown out. I also made a montage of the GoPro clips

Thursday 21st May

I made iMovie montage for Rosie about the Waimate Big Easy.

They took a GoPro with them and took a bunch of photos and videos on it for me to make a video out of

Friday 22nd May

I cooked cheese rolls for the first time and 2 batch’s of Mac and cheese.

Nan decided to make the cheese rolls because there a good snack and I wanted to make the Mac and cheese for dinner

Monday 25th May

Me and dad went to mitre 10 to get wood to renovate the bathroom.

I pulled the ceiling skirts off with a hammer and ripped all the nails out

Tuesday 26th May

Me and dad went surfing at crossroads. It was the hollowness crossroads I’ve ever surfed. I got 3 barrels and we stayed out for 4 hours. We both got a hole in out board because of how powerful the waves were.

Wednesday 27th May

We went surfing for 3 hours the waves were the same size but less hollow and powerful they were just peeling a bit better though. I got 2 barrels and 2 long rights. All the other waves I got were ok but nothing special

Thursday 28th May

today the surf was flat I did procreate doing more of the jojo drawing.i finished it pretty much, all I have left is inside of his jacket then it will be finished

Friday 29th May

We cooked macaroni and cheese rolls

Tuesday 2nd June

I’ve started making a slideshow about SpaceX  and Elon Musk

Wednesday 3rd June

Thursday 4th June

I did a worksheet on racism Because of what’s going on in the world at the moment


Friday 5th June

Cooked lasagne

Friday 5th June

Cooked lasagne

June 9th Monday

We surfed crossroads rill 12;15. I got 1 barrel but it wasn’t deep and I got 3 of the bigger waves.

It was less crowded today and the waves were bigger so he waves were fun.

June 10th-June 14th

we were surfing everyday because there was a good swell at crossroads.

It was busy but the bigger days were about 2x overhead for me.

The waves were the nest on Thursday but still pretty decent the rest of the week

Monday June 22nd

Doing work on google docs

Term 3

Monday 20th July

I did 15 laps at the pool then went in the spa.

I also finished a procreate drawing of a car

Tuesday 21st July

Me and dad went to the pool and we were practicing swimming underwater holding our breaths

I also started a new drawing of Naruto on procreate 

Wednesday 22nd July

I relaxed all morning just watching YouTube and stuff

In the afternoon we rewarded our surfboards and I made a video of it

Thursday 23rd July

I’n the morning we went to the pool and did more breath training I can sometimes hold my breath for a whole length now.

I also did some more Digital art on procreate of Naruto

Friday 24th July

me and dad went surfing at cams and there were a few decent waves I did a nice layback and did a few snaps.

I also was writing what I did this week

Monday 27th July

We had a relax morning because we didn’t go to the pool and the waves were flat.

I also finished my Naruto drawing which took about a week and I’m really happy with it

Tuesday 28th July

me and dad went to the pool with dads friend called tony

I held my brethren for the whole length of the pool 3 times 

We also did swimming without kicking swimming with our arms paddling quickly

Wednesday 29th July

I was Home alone so I was writing some topic ideas and finished a procreate drawing of black rosé goku

Karitane writeup

Last week Campbell’s wasn’t that good surf so me dad and tony went to surf at Karitane. We got pies for breakfast on the way to Palmerston. When we got to karitane the waves were good so we got changed in our wetsuit quickly and went out surfing. as soon as i got out I caught a wave straight away and didn’t do much on it. I caught a lot of waves and I tried different stance today and it made my turns way more sharper. I caught a lot of waves and probably caught the longest wave I’ve ever caught in my life. We ended up staying out for a around 3 hours then we went in. We got lunch on the way home I got chips and Pepsi then we went home and relaxed

Karitane writeup

last Thursday and Friday I went surfing at Karitane. On Thursday I went with dad and Luke, we arrived there and the waves looked small but clean and peeling for ages. When I got out t’here the waves were much bigger than it looked like and not to busy. The first wave I caught I was trying to get used to the wave and I caught it to the sand. I had to paddle for a while because of how long the waves were. Each time I paddled back out there were always waves so I just kept catching waves nonstop. Each wave I caught I was trying to get better at backhand turns. Eventually I got tired and went in to get changed. On the way home we got chips and a coke then we went home and I slept for the rest of the day.

On Friday I went with Tony and Lindsey they picked me up at 8 o’clock. I got I’m there car and we headed towards Karitane

On Friday I went with Tony and Lindsey they picked me up at 8 o’clock. I got I’m there car and we headed towards Karitane. We arrived and it looked smaller but cleaner than Thursday but we still went out. Once we got out it was a lot bigger than it looked there were a few wide ones but it was still super good. As I paddled out I kept catching wave after wave and it was super tiring but fun. It wS quiet busy but i was sitting in my own spot so I caught any wave that came through. After surfing we got pies for lunch at this shop they were quiet yum. Then I went home and slept for the rest of the day.


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