Raglan Blog

The last time I went surfing at Manu Bay was in the Easter holidays of 2019. Me and dad went on a plane trip up to the north island and stayed in Whangamata for a week. The plane trip took around 2 hours then we drove to Whangamata and we rented a house there to stay at. We drove up to Raglan 3 days of that week. The trip isn’t that bad but it's a little long and was worth it. The waves weren’t the biggest but were still alright size and they peeled for ages.
The break is located in Raglan which is a town in the north island of New Zealand. To get to the break all you have to do is find a park which is sometimes difficult because it's always super popular and busy there, then all you have to do is walk over some rocks then jump out straight into the surf. The wave is a point break and the waves peel for so long. It is one of the most consistent spots for swell in New Zealand and the waves can get super massive and perfect there.
In Raglan there are 4 seasons summer, autumn, winter and spring. There's more swell in the winter but the break works throughout the whole year anyway. The water is really warm there throughout the whole year as well with the lowest temperature being 18°C and the highest temperature reaching up to 22°C.


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