Date: 22nd-28th

The waves were alright this week, On Monday and Tuesday  it was super small. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I went out at cross roads which is a reef break in Kakanui. On Wednesday it was super fun I caught 2 big waves and then 2 long but decent size ones. On Thursday it was bigger but more choppy, I caught a wave that was nearly around double overhead and kept pulling in on waves but didn't make any and on Friday the waves were small but fun. I was just practicing doing carves on my backhand and caught one left.

Date: 15-20th March  2021

The waves were tiny on Monday and Tuesday so I didn't go out.

Date: 8th-14th 

The waves were alright this week from Thursday all the way through to Sunday. I went surfing at the dump  this week and it was my first time ever surfing it, The wave was heavy and hollow but the takeoff was quiet hard. I ended up getting some better waves towards the end and pulled into 2 big waves. Campbells was better towards the end of the week me and Kyle went out in the weekends and stayed out nearly all say on Sunday





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