Telescopes Blog

I’ve gone surfing at telescopes a few times when we were over there on holiday for 2 months. It was a super long trip to the destination because we had to get a lot of plane rides then 2 boat rides. It took us around 3-4 days of travelling to get to Mentawai which is where telescopes are located. This was definitely the best waves I've ever surfed in my life and was so worth the wait.
The break is located in Mentawai which is in Indonesia. There are a lot of different breaks all around mentawai and a lot of islands with resorts on them as well. Telescopes is a reef break so it's really easy to get cuts all over your body if you fall off a wave. It is a super hollow and it's pretty much your dream wave as it peels for a very long time and there's barrel and turn sections on the wave. 
In Mentawai there are 2 seasons the dry season and monsoon season. The best time to surf in Indonesia is during the dry season and it usually lasts between April and October. It is more consistent because they receive strong winds which create swell and make good waves


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